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Starfighter Inc.



Starfighter Inc. is the game we all want to play, but couldn’t find. So we at Impeller Studios decided to make it: a free-to-play game that puts you in the cockpit of the future in a hard science-fiction based multiplayer space combat simulator. Featuring hardcore shooter gameplay in the spirit of X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter, but with unprecedented depth and sophistication based in real, plausible science-of-the-future.


Players, in their roles of mercenary pilots and skilled gunnery and electronic warfare techs, operate a variety of nuclear-powered single and multi-crew fighters, reconnaissance ships, strike craft, and support ships. Weapons include lasers, railguns, and missiles, as well as electronic and cyber warfare capabilities.


Shrike: A result of a cooperative research and development project by a consortium of major corporations, the Shrike is optimized for light mass and high acceleration. Equipped with a sophisticated suite of Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance sensors, its mission is to reach the mission area as quickly as possible, gather intelligence on enemy dispositions, and provide targeting information for friendly ships.




Hyperion: A heavy fighter optimized for strike missions, the Hyperion is among the most heavily armed ships available and packs enough firepower to take on ships many times its size. With an array of three laser CIWS and the strongest armor in its class, it is capable of flying right into the teeth of the enemy to deliver the fatal blow.



Pegasus: A heavy assault transport equipped with exceptional armor, enormous propellant tanks, and specialized capture and breaching systems, the Pegasus was built to chase down and disable enemy ships and deliver espatiers for boarding, all while holding off any hostiles throughout the entirety of the operation. This is a look at the fully protected virtual cockpit of the Pegasus (pre-alpha):



Extensive ship and component upgrades are available to trick out your ship - all based on heavily researched science. Each player has a private hangar to keep a personal fleet of spacecraft and multipurpose drones.




Players join together as a fighting unit, choosing from independent and corporate sponsored private military corps (PMCs). Each PMC has its own reputation - from “white hat” groups that follow strict legal guidelines to more “ethically flexible” outfits willing to do almost anything for pay. Your actions have consequences both to your own reputation and the unfolding narrative. There will be loyalties, rivalries, bounties and rewards.




There’s more.

Starfighter Inc. will be full of surprises and innovations in storytelling. Our futuristic world is based on a deep narrative structure that provides meaning and context to the many conflicts that players will compete in. The introduction of new technologies and the rise or fall of Corporate empires  may depend on the outcomes of key battles. There will be hundreds of simultaneous plots interacting and overlapping with each other in our ever-evolving story.




For the first time in a game of this kind, there will be specialized standalone single-player missions and bonus opportunities, mysteries to solve, unanticipated plot twists, and a chance not only to rack up an impressive record as a mercenary fighter, but also to gain fame and fortune as part of the ongoing story.



We're partners with the major VR vendors and will be supporting VR fully. Here is a peak at pre-alpha content viewed through VR: this is the airlock and entrance to the player's hangar, where the player starts their experience.



Our Team


Starfighter Inc. is a project that began a few years ago when some game industry veterans began a collaboration that has grown into a project of passion. Our continued vision and dedication are attracting new creative talent nearly every week, and the game is evolving daily through the efforts of our highly motivated team of designers, artists, programmers, sound designers, writers, and producers.


Among the veterans who are leading the project are project director, Jack Mamais (designer of Crysis and MechWarrior 2), lead designer David Wessman (designer and writer for the entire Star Wars: X-Wing series of space combat simulators), writer and narrative lead Rusel DeMaria (author of more than 60 game-related books, including two Star Wars novellas, The Farlander Papers and The Stele Chronicles), and art director Tim Hoffman (MechWarrior 2 and a ton of major films and TV shows). Together they represent over 70 years of game-making experience. Our full team is international with the majority based in the US and additional developers in the UK, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon. In total, we have 30 core developers, 10 contributing developers, and 6 advisers including game/film industry veterans, military personnel, and defense contractors. Additionally, we have approved internship programs with talent from 9 universities across the globe.
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