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The Shards Online group is a way for Alienware Arena gamers to learn more about the game and interact with the developers and other fans. For more information check out

Shards is a moddable online sandbox RPG heavily inspired by games like Ultima Online.

Shards Online is breaking away from the modern MMO conventions of levels, classes and quest grinds. We are returning to living virtual worlds where stories emerge naturally as players explore the worlds laid out before them.

The game will launch with a complete game containing several official rule-sets. Our current plans include one with a well balanced set of gameplay, a hardcore PvP battle-royale, and even one featuring permanent character death: the ultimate game of risk versus reward.

But really, just check out There is SO much more to know.

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Shards Online Preview Weekend: Download and Play Free Now

As we end our our Kickstarter campaign, we invite everyone to play during our Shards Online Preview Weekend event. It starts right now and we plan to keep it running throughout the weekend. We're taking over the MMORPG Twitch channel. Join us!


So here’s the deal… This weekend, everyone will play. We’re opening up the game to the public, with servers set to accommodate up to 400+ players. While we’re at it, we’re taking over the MMORPG Twitch channel.

Upcoming Event: Battle of the Backers 2

Tonight our Kickstarter backers fight to the death for your amusement on Watch live at 8 PM EDT!

Event Update, Forums and Map Showcase!

Check out the Tower of Babel map showcase, our new public forums, new events and more!

Event Reminder, Fiction Friday and a Note About Our Business Model

Happy Fiction Friday! Over here at Citadel Studios we are frantically preparing for our big event tomorrow. Derek prepared another Developers’ Note. This time it’s about our non traditional business model.

Shards Online Kickstarter Kicks Things Up, Puts Backers in the Game

Starting week 2 of the Shards Online Kickstarter campaign off with a bang, we’re aiming to do some things that have never been done for an online game on Kickstarter. What makes us different from other Kickstarter game projects is that we have a fully playable build available now, and based on feedback from our fans and current backers, it’s time to lift the veil and prove that we really can deliver the concept we’ve been dreaming about. That means fans will be able to play Shards VERY soon.    Backers will

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FIRST EVER Shards Online Public Preview Event

So here’s the deal… This weekend, everyone will play. We’ve opened up the game to the public, with servers set to accommodate nearly 400 players.  Full details, including the Shards Online client download link and this weekend's schedule of events, can be...

Start Time • 06:00
Location • Online

Battle of the Backers

STREAMING LIVE ON TWITCH: This will be the first time anyone outside Citadel Studios and game testers will play the exclusive pre-alpha build of Shards Online. We have developed a mod specifically for this event called “Battl...

Start Time • 12:00
Location • Online

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