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Secret Ponchos


Do You Have the Grit to Survive a New Style of PVP Combat Where Every Shot is a Skill Shot?

Secret Ponchos is a relentlessly competitive PVP fighting game set in a stylish Spaghetti Western universe. The isometric gameplay is team based and unlike anything you've played before. Combat is fast-paced, precise and merciless, resulting in a competitive environment where skills  matter. There is no auto-attacking or hand-holding – every shot is a skill-shot!  "The Most Wanted Edition" of Secret Ponchos was showcased at EVO 2015 this year, and received an incredibly strong reception from the competitive community.

Surviving in the WIld West will not be easy. You’ll be squaring off against the deadliest outlaws in 3v3 shootouts and 1v1 duels. It’s your gun skills (accuracy, range control, ammo management), your cunning team play, and your strategic use of the environment that will determine whether you collect the bounty on your enemies heads or they collect yours.

The “Most Wanted Edition” brings a heavily expanded version of Secret Ponchos to PC. Switchblade Monkeys, the indie developers behind Secret Ponchos (that’s us!), have worked closely with the Early Access community to add onboarding for beginners, refine features, and more than double the game’s content (including an enhanced  character roster, new maps, and all-new game modes).

The game is nearly ready for launch, and we would love to invite the Alienware community to join our community at the ground level! If you want to test your ability to survive in a new type of competitive combat – join us and our community on the battlefield.

We’d also like to invite you to a special streaming event: this Saturday come hang out with the devs and play some Ponchos with us. Saturday October 10th, 10:30 am PST.

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