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Introducing Robocraft, the popular free-to-play PC game,which allows players to build insane robot battle vehicles that drive, hover, walk and fly! Add weapons from the future and jump in the driving seat as you take your bot into battle against other players in this competitive online action game.

First released via Steam's Early Access program in 2014, Robocraft continues to evolve with monthly free updates, new weapons, modules, movement options and other features regularly added to the game. To start playing today for free, please visit the Robocraft Steam page, handily linked here:

And if you'd like more information about the game before you decide to jump in please read through our latest news stories and watch our recent trailers below. Alternatively you can also visit Robocraft's official website:
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Play Robocraft, Raise Money for Kaleigh

Want to raise money for a good cause and have fun playing Robocraft at the same time? May we introduce the ‘Play for Kaleigh’ fundrasing event which is on right now!

ROBOCRAFT - First Brawl of 2017 Now Live!

The first brawl of 2017 brings mechs and plasmaball fights!

New Map Launching for Robocraft This Week!

Robocraft receives its first new map in months this week, say hello to Vanguard's End!

Ghouls and Pumpkins invade Robocraft for Halloween!

Hallowfest 3 is now live in Robocraft, bringing with it lots of Halloween cheer and a pretty major Aeroflak overhaul!

Clan Seasons now live! Earn Robits for your clan!

CLAN SEASONS NOW LIVE! Robocraft's latest update Cash of Clans has landed and with it comes an exciting new way of rewarding your performance in hard-fought battles. In this update we have implemented a new system which we’re calling ‘Clan Seasons’. The purpose of Clan Seasons is to introduce regular, monthly rewards of additional Robits for all members of a clan. As each member participates in battles, it increases the Robits reward so the more active a clan, the more Robits everyone recieves at the end of

FREE 10,000 Key Robocraft: Alienware Pack Giveaway!

Alienware are celebrating 20 years of building kick-ass gaming machines and to honour this momentous occasion, we’ve created a very special Alienware-themed Robocraft bundle. From now until December 10, 2016 (or until we run out of codes), you can claim a free promo code to grab an Alienware birthday bundle containing the following items: - Alienware mask cosmetic with new glow effects and lasers - Special commemorative Alienware 20 Years Holoflag - Six Protonium Salvage Crates Grabbing your personal promo

Robocraft's New Expansion 'Clan Party' Out Now!

                              Our new Clan Party update has arrived, along with it some of the biggest quality of life improvements in Robocraft to date! All the frustrations you may have previously felt when partying up with friends have been addressed and the entire process has become a lot smoother! There’s also some great extras in there too, like some major improvements to the Premium system and even our own set of Steam Trading Cards! So grab your buddies and Party On! NEW PARTY SYSTEM - Fancy new par

Robocraft Weekend Event: Shiprekt Now Live! (Thursday 22nd - Tuesday...

  GRAB YOURSELVES A CUTLASS IN ONE HAND AND A BOTTLE OF POLITICALLY CORRECT NON-ALCOHOLIC GROG IN THE OTHER, IT'S TIME FOR THE PIRATE THEMED SHIPREKT EVENT! To finish off our week of plunderful pirate themed activities, we've got an event that'll blow the CPU right outta ya! All Plasma Cannon ammunition has been replaced with futuristic proto-cannon balls! They may move slower than typical Plasma ammo, but when they detonate it's no small matter! As with all event changes, they will all be reverted at the e

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