MAV is a custom mech combat game with a core focus on tactical combat and customization. 
You play as a MAV pilot, fighting against an oppressive government trying to turn your home into a forced labor camp. You will be able to build your MAV, piece by piece, into the perfect weapon for your fighting style. You will need to use teamwork and a steady aim to fight against other MAV's and military forces to protect your home and take back the areas conquered by others. 
Take part in a persistent war across the surface of Europa, fighting against other rebel factions and the United Earth Council. Join with your friends to create your own faction, capture territories through hard fought battles, spend resources to get new parts for your MAV and upgrade the defenses of your territories, and possibly deploy a game changing Mega Weapons.

Key Features

  • You can choose from thousands of parts across over 30 different categories to design and build your MAV, from the ground up, or pick from community shared designs. 
  • Fight in many different game modes, with the freeform Arena and Siege mode, to the single player story, or the persistent campaign mode. 
  • Experience intense mech combat, with realistic projectiles, physics based weapon recoil, individual part damage, and fantastic environments. 
  • In the campaign mode, build up your captured territories with additional defenses, place turrets to help fight off invaders, and hire and recruit AI rebels to fight alongside you. Changes you make on a territory level effect the battlefields and can change the balance of power. 
  • Full customization of your MAV, with millions of combinations possible, different paint jobs and camo patterns, along with decals, you will always be able to express yourself and be unique on the battlefield.
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State of the Game #235: The value of progress

Wow, it’s been a very busy week! I have been spending a lot of time this week getting things ready for other people, as this week marks the first time there are 3 people other than myself working on MAV. I am still continuing to work as well, of course, but at a bit of a reduced pace as I ...

Evening News

Good evening. This is Travis Bailey, and welcome to the Evening News.   We’ll start with the ongoing crisis in Luanda. The clashes between rioters and security forces started one week ago, after the depletion of the stocks of flour and vegetables in stores. There is still no plan to replenish these stocks, as the food situation in the sub-equatorial ...

State of the Game #234: Back to work with a change of pace

I’m back from vacation! It was a very lovely trip, we went and saw many parts of the south west and west coast of the US. Of course, I couldn’t stop working entirely, but without my developer desktop, I was a bit limited in what I could do. So, I started working on an end to end solution for linking ...

State of the Game #233: Vacation

This week, I am doing something I haven’t done in the over 5 years I have started MAV. I am taking a family vacation!   I know some of you might have been expecting an update this week, since I promised a suprise, and I am sorry to disappoint you with that. However, the surprise is actually already in the ...

A Piece of Heaven

  “So, he did everything to save the flower, dad?”   The boy’s words almost went over Jié’s head. Although the eyes of the miner were centered on the display in his son’s hands, his mind was drifting way beyond the cartoonish pictures bouncing under limpid blue skies.   “Are you listening, dad?”   This time the boy managed to ...

State of the Game #232: Tease

One week left in the month! Time keeps on flying and the work is just shooting though. I ran into a bit of a snag this week as I continued to ponder the exact methods and game flow I wanted to put into the new pre-game lobby. In wanting to support screen sizes ranging from 720p to greater than 4k, ... Build Released

This is a minor patch. Knock back effects on cockpits has been reduced by a factor of 100, across the board. Yes, a factor of 100.

Welcome to the Revolution

The second troop transport shattered, more than exploded, when the rounds tore through its flat flank and emerged from the other side. The innards of the vehicle flew over the scenery in a multicolored shower of armor plates, internal components, and hapless soldiers. The assailant then trained his crosshairs at the last of the eight-wheeled transports and fired a final ...

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Start Time • 20:24
Location • Online

Sunday Funday!

Come play MAV with the developer and see how PAX East went. You can even bug me about balance changes! :)

Start Time • 08:00
Location • Online

Evento lol


Start Time • 05:46
Location • Online

Sunday Funday with the developer!

Come and play MAV against [or with] the developer! If you can't make it in game, you can watch live at See you there!

Start Time • 02:00
Location • Online



Start Time • 12:58
Location • Online



Start Time • 12:57
Location • Online

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