MAV is a custom mech combat game with a core focus on tactical combat and customization. 
You play as a MAV pilot, fighting against an oppressive government trying to turn your home into a forced labor camp. You will be able to build your MAV, piece by piece, into the perfect weapon for your fighting style. You will need to use teamwork and a steady aim to fight against other MAV's and military forces to protect your home and take back the areas conquered by others. 
Take part in a persistent war across the surface of Europa, fighting against other rebel factions and the United Earth Council. Join with your friends to create your own faction, capture territories through hard fought battles, spend resources to get new parts for your MAV and upgrade the defenses of your territories, and possibly deploy a game changing Mega Weapons.

Key Features

  • You can choose from thousands of parts across over 30 different categories to design and build your MAV, from the ground up, or pick from community shared designs. 
  • Fight in many different game modes, with the freeform Arena and Siege mode, to the single player story, or the persistent campaign mode. 
  • Experience intense mech combat, with realistic projectiles, physics based weapon recoil, individual part damage, and fantastic environments. 
  • In the campaign mode, build up your captured territories with additional defenses, place turrets to help fight off invaders, and hire and recruit AI rebels to fight alongside you. Changes you make on a territory level effect the battlefields and can change the balance of power. 
  • Full customization of your MAV, with millions of combinations possible, different paint jobs and camo patterns, along with decals, you will always be able to express yourself and be unique on the battlefield.
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State of the Game #269:

I have been spending most of the month working on many secret projects. Some will be revealed soon, others will be more long term. I am VERY excited about each and every one of them! I don’t typically drive my own hype, but these projects are going to be BIG! For those that have been around here awhile, you are ...

State of the Game #268: PAX East Recap!

WOW, what a whirl wind of a weekend! WARNING: This is going to be a VERY picture heavy post, and most of the are selfies

State of the Game #267: Let’s Prep for PAX East!

Wow, it seems like just yesterday that I was at PAX south! It’s that time again and I will be heading up to Boston this Friday to be attending PAX East! I have my stickers ready, my massive stack of business cards, my heavy coat, and my exclusive MAV brand sweatshirt! [Thanks to the Bombdog studios master of merch

State of the Game #266: A Face Lift!

Did you notice anything different on the site today? That’s right, the website is getting some nice polishing touches through out. It started with a better experience when creating an account, has migrated to a completely new homepage, and will likely be touching the entire site before I am done. As exciting as web development can be, something more interesting ...

State of the Game #265: Post Release Bliss

Oh, what a beautiful week! Last week saw the release of the February update and a quick hotfix for some minor issues. This week, I have been gathering a lot of data on the new heat system and working on more and more secretive projects! One of the most fun and interesting things I have added to the game has ...


Fixed overheating fireworks. Heat damage threshold is set to 85. Fixed Alpha 2 Silver camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed Alpha Gold camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed the M-RAD radiator collision issues.

State of the Game #264: The February Update is Here!

In January MAV brought in the Ice with No Mans Pass, but with February it’s bringing the heat! The heat system is in place and acts as it’s own damage type now. This means that Flamethrowers and ground fires will no longer do direct damage, but will instead add heat to the parts they touch! Each part has a few ...

State of the Game #263 : The Vice Article

What an exciting week! I have been very busy, dealing with taxes, doing business type stuff, polishing up the February update, and get settled into a nice marketing groove. Suddenly, I get a message, telling me an article that was started way back in November would be going live. To be honest, I had forgotten about the article. So many ...

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Sunday Funday!

Come play MAV with the developer and see how PAX East went. You can even bug me about balance changes! :)

Start Time • 08:00
Location • Online



Start Time • 15:51
Location • Online

Evento lol


Start Time • 05:46
Location • Online

Sunday Funday with the developer!

Come and play MAV against [or with] the developer! If you can't make it in game, you can watch live at See you there!

Start Time • 02:00
Location • Online



Start Time • 12:58
Location • Online



Start Time • 12:57
Location • Online

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