Imagine Me: Built Better By You

Imagine Me: Built Better By You


Imagine Me was released to Steam Early Access while still in early Alpha development. The idea was to build and shape Imagine Me with the 
Community. Each comment, suggestion, review, and feedback has been a heavily weighted force in development decisions and key features of the game have
already been re-written as a result of community feedback. As we continue the development of Imagine Me (currently in Late Alpha) our focus remains: for the
community. This group is another opportunity for commuinty feedback and interaction!! Participate in the development of a game made better by you.

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Imagine Me restarts weekly LIVE DEVELOPMENT twitch stream!

Just to give you all a heads up!  The Imagine Me team will be streaming development LIVE every Thursday night at 8pm CDT on twitch.  Stop by the channel and meet the Team and extended community!

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