Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines


Heavy Metal Machines  is a one‐of‐a‐kind 4v4 multiplayer arena combat game unlike any you’ve ever seen or played, retiring colorful fantasy heroes for a cast of psychotic post‐apocalyptic road warriors. Players pilot their choice from a dozen unique vehicular death‐machines, dealing destruction accompanied by a dynamic, mood‐setting heavy metal track. Each character delivers a distinct style of gameplay, an over‐the‐top personality, with awesome upgrades and customizations to match. Forget gasoline ‐‐ the Heavy Metal Machines and their insane drivers run on pure adrenaline. 


Key Features: 

  • Start Your Engines: Choose one of twelve distinct Heavy Metal Machines, each piloted by a psychotic personality with a unique and bizarre set of upgradable and customizable abilities. 
  • Carnage is a Team Sport: Show off your unique individual skills, customizing your vehicle and your driver’s abilities to match your style of play, while also mastering  teamwork in support, interceptor or transporter roles. 
  • Blow it all to Hell: Work together to dominate the road ‐ weakening the opposing team’s defenses to deliver the final devastating blow to their base ‐ even if it means a one way trip to Hell.
  • Pedal to the Metal: Each driver has a distinct personality, dictating the soundtrack that accompanies them during battle ‐ including an eclectic mix of metal, goth metal, death  metal, black metal, and industrial metal.
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Patch Notes Full Metal Judge - 27/10/2016

And HeavyMetalMachines is back! Meet the Full Metal Judge. The complete patch notes can be check out at the forums: http://bit.ly/2dQXU0d See you all in the arena!

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Что это за игра ?

Что это за игра ?

Start Time • 13:38
Location • Online



Start Time • 08:41
Location • Online

Treats for ALL - Double XP Time

Hey Metal heads, guess what!!? We have another Double XP event coming straight to a region near you starting tomorrow (11/4) and ending (11/12)! That means starting this Friday you and your comrades can decimate your opponents while earning some XP to le...

Start Time • 04:00
Location • Online

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