Fractured Space is a free-to-play 5-v-5 team-based space MOBA on Steam. Play co-op vs AI, or PvP. You control a gigantic capital ship to seize mines and bases for team resources and buffs. The intensity of a shooter combines with deep tactical decision making as you battle over five sectors to finally capture the enemy team's base.

With dozens of ships, load-outs and crew to unlock and select, you choose how you want to play.
Founded by Blott

Members • 6548




  • Kill Count Weekend

    It’s time to band together and rack up some takedowns. We’re tracking the total number of takedowns in the game from 6pm UTC Thu Jan 26 to 6pm UTC Mon Jan 30. There will be two targets to hit: 250,000 takedowns will unlock the Jolly Roger skins for the Pro...

    Start Time • 18:00
    Location • Online
  • Gold Rush Weekend

    Reinforce your crew this weekend – open a Gold Daily Drop Pod and get a guaranteed crew template and 3,000 DNA to unlock that crew member. You can even open any Gold Pods you have in your inventory and get even more crew (any duplicates will burn to DNA as...

    Start Time • 10:00
    Location • Online
  • Ultimate Skin Contest

    Win flights to the UK to visit the Edge Case Games Studio and design your own Ultimate Skin! You will also win an Alienware Alpha and a full set of Roccat Peripherals.

    Start Time • 00:00
    Location • Online