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Archmage Rises is an open-world mage simulator where player choices truly matter.

You play as a young apprentice with untapped magical powers suddenly let loose in a dangerous, unforgiving world. What would you do to survive? Who would you partner with, who would you kill? It’s all up to you!

Fantasy fans will find much to love in Archmage Rises with stunning hand-drawn 2D art by Rogier van de Beek, music by James Maranetette, and procedurally-generated storylines and quests that ensure that every playthrough remains 100 percent unique.


Release date: TBD

Archmage Rises is a trademark of Thomas Henshell. All rights reserved. 2014

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Update #61: Inside Build 11: NPC Brains and Relationships

In this update we show how a variety of interactions can grow a relationship.  And new ones become available as you increase or decrease the stages of the relationship.  Repetition doesn't work in relationships, so I had to retool the NPC brain to be able to efficiently store and quickly retrieve everything that happens to them (with timestamps) so they can react correctly to someone spamming the same choices.

Update #60: Inside Build 11: Jokes & Performances

In this update I show another way this game allows realistic interactions with NPCs: Jokes and Insults.  And then how you can take those jokes and use your performance skill to put on a comedy routine at the local inn.  

Update #59: Inside Build 11 Part 3

This week I rewrote and funified a core system that has been broken for a long time: NPC conversation.  In this video I show the new version of the system.  It's not perfect yet, but I now think I'm on the right track with the accumulation, leveling, and discovery of Interests.

Update #58: Inside Build 11 Part 2

We continue to the hard work of making the game release ready.  Archmage is ambitious and our goal is to make something as deep and interesting as Dwarf Fortress or Crusader Kings II, yet accessible to everyone.  In this update we show the beginnings of character creation and customization, life aspirations, and the detailed NPC relationships view, and announce something weird that is happening with Nic.

Update #57: Inside Build 11

We continue to refine, polish, and improve the playability of Build 11.  This week we show some of what we've been   This week we show some of the things we've been working on.  Still don't know the release date, still 29+ outstanding issues before it's ready for the world.

Update #56: Bugs Bugs and More Bugs #NoCrappyBuild

Nic didn't make a video last week (Boo!), but the team is back together again (Yeah!) and we continue to battle bugs as we prepare the release.  And we discuss a fan's suggestion we do a kickstarter.  

Update 55: #NoCrappyBuild

Today is the day we predicted Build 11 would be coming out.  And it almost did (on the beta branch), but further reflection revealed no one is served by a crappy build.  Here's what happened.

Update #54: Merry Christmas 2017

In this final update for 2017 we share our progress on build 11.  We were supposed to be feature complete today.  We came close.  And Thomas wears a hat.

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