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Archmage Rises


Archmage Rises is an open-world mage simulator where player choices truly matter.

You play as a young apprentice with untapped magical powers suddenly let loose in a dangerous, unforgiving world. What would you do to survive? Who would you partner with, who would you kill? It’s all up to you!

Fantasy fans will find much to love in Archmage Rises with stunning hand-drawn 2D art by Rogier van de Beek, music by James Maranetette, and procedurally-generated storylines and quests that ensure that every playthrough remains 100 percent unique.


Release date: TBD

Archmage Rises is a trademark of Thomas Henshell. All rights reserved. 2014

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Update #31 Spell Customization

As a mage growing in power you should be able to customize the spells, right?  Well we agree so in this design update we show how the spell customization process works and all the cool things you can find or discover in the world.

Update #30 Managing Minions

In this historic update we reveal land management, slaves, apprentices, workers, constructs, and hirlings.  Truly Archmage Rises is the RPG with more to do than combat!

Update #29: Wealth & NPCs

This week we dive into the design of the Player Wealth screen and NPC's with all their various relationships.  These are mockups we are showing before the real artwork is finished.

Update #28: Your Character

This week we dive into the newly designed character sheet (mock up), core skills, stats, and equipment.

Update #27: New Town View

After weeks of trying, we are finally ready to show the new data driven town view.  The data is driven by the simulator so every town is different.  As towns grow buildings will be built, and as it shrinks they will be abandoned.  Every building displayed means something: it's an inn, or a specific person's house you can visit with cookies (or rob).  This is all part of our initiative to show the living breathing nature of the simulated world.

Update #26: Fanisode #1 When Is Next Build And Other Fan Questions

This special episode is dedicated to the Fans!  We answer frequently asked questions, present a bit of a road map, and show how some fan ideas are making it into the game.  Join the conversation!

Update #25: New Features: From Idea to Coding

For our 25th episode we are not only showing some new features in the works, but also how we do it.  Like really, how do you go from idea to  coding?  It's actually a long and somewhat scientific process.  We show you the steps and the tools involved in indie game dev.

Video Update #24: First Person Hex View

Thomas is on the road again, but we still manage to show a glimpse of what visiting map hexes will really look like.  And how that forms the basis for the new Town view.

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