Archmage Rises

Archmage Rises


Archmage Rises is an open-world mage simulator where player choices truly matter.

You play as a young apprentice with untapped magical powers suddenly let loose in a dangerous, unforgiving world. What would you do to survive? Who would you partner with, who would you kill? It’s all up to you!

Fantasy fans will find much to love in Archmage Rises with stunning hand-drawn 2D art by Rogier van de Beek, music by James Maranetette, and procedurally-generated storylines and quests that ensure that every playthrough remains 100 percent unique.


Release date: TBD

Archmage Rises is a trademark of Thomas Henshell. All rights reserved. 2014

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Video Update #10: Simulator Driven Encounters

How are Random Encounters different in a simulator driven world?  See gameplay and an explanation of another unique feature of Archmage Rises: random encounter battles are the result of monster domains and the realistic spread of their populations.

Video Update #9: Living World NPC News and Rumors

This week I show proof that RPGs are evolving, that we can use modern techniques and technology to build a living breathing world that realistically responds to player and NPC actions.  Read how a veteran RPG game designer is longing and calling for a new RPG experience.  One that Archmage Rises delivers.

Video Update #8: Day Night Cycle & Plagues

This week's video update features:Inspiration from Monte Cook's Ptolus, the greatest D&D 3rd/D20 supplement ever writtenTotally honest update on scheduleGameplay of map day & night cycle (Plauges aren't done enough to show)Response to Fan Feedback on Steam and YouTubeBONUS: Possibly some funny cat pictures!There is nothing like Archmage Rises! video Block Double-click here to add a video by URL or embed code. Learn more.

Video Update #7: Economy & Trade Simulation

This weeks totally honest update on our development schedule! Gameplay of some of the amazing new features that make Archmage Rises unlike any other RPG before!

Video Update #6: When will Archmage Rises be Done?

I was at a potluck last sunday and the person across asked "So when is the game going to be done?"  Scheduling software is hard, scheduling indie game development even harder still.  In this video we show how we came up with the feature complete date.

Video Update #5: Fresh Start

This week we record our update from Thomas’ new office in his new house, Nic talks map generation, and we respond to Slayemin’s questions from the steam forums.

Video Update #4: Rewrites

First Update of 2017!  Less than 8 min long!  We did it!   Sometimes to move forward you have to go back.  This past week we have been rewriting two major systems: inventory and map...

A Response to User Acquisition and Mobile Marketing

“Farmville taught us to seek out people simply with a mouse, not a heart. ” I just received How to do User Acquisition the Right Way in my inbox this morning.  After reading it I have to say: I totally agree.  But the problem goes deeper.  Like a 1980's oil company, the mobile games industry is running in unsustainable ways.The biggest trouble I see, and the reason I turned away from mobile, is that the majority of customers aren’t customers.  They really are just users. How much is it worth to p

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