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Archmage Rises is an open-world mage simulator where player choices truly matter.

You play as a young apprentice with untapped magical powers suddenly let loose in a dangerous, unforgiving world. What would you do to survive? Who would you partner with, who would you kill? It’s all up to you!

Fantasy fans will find much to love in Archmage Rises with stunning hand-drawn 2D art by Rogier van de Beek, music by James Maranetette, and procedurally-generated storylines and quests that ensure that every playthrough remains 100 percent unique.


Release date: TBD

Archmage Rises is a trademark of Thomas Henshell. All rights reserved. 2014

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Video Update #19: Business Woes

When we started these updates we said we would be totally honest.  This week has brought some bad news to one of Thomas' companies so in this update we discuss how that affects the game.

Video Update #18: Sexier Combat

Our animator turned in his first batch of work and it looks great!  Nic spent some time getting the new Goblin Warrior into the game.  See for yourself how the new and improved combat looks and feels better.

Video Update #17: 203 Trillion NPCs

203 Trillion possible NPCs to encounter.  To deliver a role playing experience unlike any other we have to approach and build the game unlike any other.

Video Update #16: Catch Up Week

This week was a catch up week on the schedule, and a good thing too!  Nic continued to work on the Timeline and we show an updated version.  Thomas continued work on making NPC personalities real and, as usual, shows nothing. :-)  

Video Update #15: Life Timelines and Why Indie Games Fail

In this update we talk about the recent demise of Hero's Song and the lessons for all indie developers from it.  Then we dive into a new feature totally unique to Archmage Rises, never before seen in an RPG: Character Timelines.  

Video Update #14: Sickness & Setbacks

To be honest, we have nothing to say this week and it still takes us 10 minutes to say so. :-)

Video Update #13: NPC Passions & Ken Levine's Narrative Legos

This week we start with the winning animator’s submission, then dive deep into 'Narrative Legos', a talk by Ken Levine, maker of hit games like the Bioshock series, where he lays out a concept for how to make dynamic interesting NPC’s in an RPG.  Ken’s talk previews the future of games in general and how Archmage Rises is being designed specifically.

Video Update #12: What's New In Build 10?

See what is new in the latest pre-alpha release of Archmage Rises!

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