League of Legends Arclight Varus Skin Giveaway - GeForce Group

League of Legends Arclight Varus Skin Giveaway - GeForce Group

Alienware Arena is partnering with NVIDIA's GeForce Group to give away League of Legends keys for the Arclight Varus skin. Starting on February 11th, we'll be adding a limited set of keys for the Europe or the North American server each week.

You can be the first to know when keys are added by joining NVIDIA's GeForce Group. All members of NVIDIA's GeForce Group will receive an email notification with information about when new keys will be added.

Here's the schedule for when keys will be added, but you'll only know what time keys will be added if you are a member of NVIDIA's GeForce Group.

North America Server:
Tuesday, March 4
Tuesday, March 11
Tuesday, March 18
Tuesday, March 25

Europe Server:
Thursday, March 6

Thursday, March 13
Thursday, March 20
Thursday, March 27 (All Keys Claimed!)



How To Get Your Giveaway

  • 1. Join the Geforce Group.
  • 2. Get the email notification when keys are going to be added and visit this page.
  • 3. Once keys have been added, you'll be able to join the queue to claim a key. Please note that if we run out of keys, you may not be assigned a key even if you are in the queue.