-MUST READ- Quick guide to daily Arena Reward Points (ARPs)
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 The Welcome Board - Rules and Useful Links
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 Welcome To Alienware Arena. Please Introduce yourself.
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 Hi! I'm from Brazil!
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 Hello i am graphic designer:P Alienware GIF
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 Hello from Marseille
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 hello from avignon
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 Hello ! I'm new Blade & Soul Player, they have great Rewards here !
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 Hello everyone!!
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 Hello everyone
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 Привет всему русскоязычному сообществу! Выполняем дейлики! :D
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 Hi! Please share where you are from!
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 Hello Wold !
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 Выполняем ежедневные задания повышаем уровень очки ARP, Complete daily quests, raise ARP points
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 Hey there everyone!
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 Hi everyone!
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 I need help with this daily quest
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 Hello everyone!
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 Hi guys!
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 Hey ;)
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