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 If you could turn any game into a moive/show, which game would you pick?
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 kocham grać w Worl of Tanks
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 Are u enjoying the BO4 beta?
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 Fractured Lands
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 [WOT] What do you think about IS7 and IS4? which one is better and why?
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 What's your favorite free to play game??
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 Questions for Video Gaming Addiction
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 Gwent: Homecoming
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 tell me what games you can play with a friend
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 Anyone still play Archeage ? any better game out ?
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 What do you like to play when you are bored?
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 2 games, 1 franchise?
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 Anything u may like to play the new version but not released or even not sure that is gonna release?
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 favorite smite skin ? ::DDDD
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 What's your favorite video game genre (poll) ?
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 Deiland (Available August 9th)
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 Looking for some lesser known indie games
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 Anyone here a fan of Stardew Valley? :D
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 Lineage 2 ?!
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 World of Tanks 1.0 performance drop
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 How to get the game Knight Club: Deluxe free for Steam
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 Smite Best God
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 What can i get to start making indie games with a relativity small budget maybe 500 dollars usd
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 Best looking graphics in a f2p?
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