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 Realm Royal??? (why is it popular)
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 Any good upcoming games I should look forward to?
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 What game do you have the most love and nostalgia for?
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 [FREE/STEAM] Alter World
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 Who wants a new Deadpool contest?
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 Upvotes and points
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 Free Insurgency
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 Final Fantasy 7 Remake
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 Best tier 10 light ? WOT
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 [World of Warcraft] What new allied race do you like best? Which ones would you like to see in the future?
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 Games that center on building/crafting?
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 alienware 17?
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 Before choosing which game that you play check 1st the game support [z8games they got trash support team]
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 The MOST nooby noobish noob thing you've done in game?
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 WoT Tanks Lines
Replies: 7 Views: 91 Last Post:  by joco4
 WOT is awesome
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 Games like Red Dead Redemption?
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 Mu Legend is here
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 we happy few worth it?
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 Who is going to play the new WoW expansion?
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 Different kind of game
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 My Greenlight list :D
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 Shovel Knight is in Rivals of Aether!
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