Hello my friends
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 Any good game with a good story line?
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 Call od Duty BO2
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 Who played The painscreek killing
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 Lost Planet 3
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 Playstation Fans
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 Fractured Lands on Steam for free
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 Do You Like Grinding?
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 Your next-gen console prediction?
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 What is the most beautiful game you've ever played?
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 Remember all those "gaming websites" telling gamers that they are out of touch and mysoginist because they dont like the new Diablo game?
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 Commodore 64
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 Shadow of Mordor like games
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 which platform you use !
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 Doom vs prey
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 Iron Brigade
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 What is the game that made you angry?
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 BattleCON Online: Hikaru and Candenza Pack + more
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