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 Most Hyped Games of 2017
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 by ComradeD
 Why We Like Video Games
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 by The_gost
 Neverwinter - Your Goto Class
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 by The_gost
 The Total Tier Tabulation of Total War
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 by leecooper7
 [CS GO] What's your favorite AK-47 skin?
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 by beldaze
 [CS GO] Which is your favorite map for matchmaking play?
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 by beldaze
 [DOTA2] Which Jungler do You Prefer on Your Team
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 by beldaze
 [DOTA 2] Which of The International couriers is your favorite?
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 by beldaze
 [CS GO] Which M4A1-S skin do you prefer?
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 by Mumbo777
 [SMITE] Who's your favorite Warrior?
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 by Chibiame
 [Hearthstone] Which class has the better hero ability?
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 by The_gost
 [PC Gaming] The Best (Currently) eSports Games
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 by KeFFka
 [PC Gaming] Which upcoming PC game are you look forward to more?
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 by KeFFka
 [PC Gaming] Which of these games' mechanics was more innovative?
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 by KeFFka
 The BEST Genres (That I'm Positive You Will Disagree With)
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 by KeFFka
 [LoL] Which marksman champion would win in a 1v1 fight?
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 [PC Gaming] Greatest Survival Games
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 by leecooper7
 [PC Gaming] Valves Best Titles
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 by esacmon
 [Hearthstone] Which card will you miss more when it's rotated out for Standard Mode?
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 by esacmon
 [CS GO] Favorite Karambit knife skin?
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 by Mumbo777
 [PC Gaming] The Greatest RTS Series of All Time
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 by 1sTAndy
 The (Non-Debatable) Best Super Powers
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 by KeFFka
 [Hearthstone] Which of these legendaries has the better battlecry ability?
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 by allieju96
 [PC Gaming] Which recent indie game has you more intrigued?
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 by shelder85
 Greatest Video Game Protagonist
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 by shelder85