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 Why We Like Video Games
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 Mass Effect Andromeda - What Race Are You Trying Get Down With?
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 by cairinho
 The Ridiculously Radical Rides of Rocket League
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 [PC Gaming] Which of these games' mechanics was more innovative?
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 by Vallkyriel
 [PC Gaming] Valves Best Titles
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 by monknl
 The Only Weapon You Will Ever Need
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 by yoyoyodj
 [PC Gaming] Which of these EA games was the best?
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 by Hishigata
 The BEST Genres (That I'm Positive You Will Disagree With)
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 by madsamz
 [Old School] What's Your Favorite TF2 Class
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 by rsxrsx
 Neverwinter - Your Goto Class
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 [PC Gaming] Greatest Indie Games (According to Cartire)
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 by PauloF
 [CS GO] What's your favorite AK-47 skin?
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 by basuron
 Video Games Greatest Villians
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 by giuevildoer
 [PC Gaming] Most Anticipated Game of the 2016 Holiday Season
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 by giuevildoer
 [Hearthstone] Which of these legendaries from The Grand Tournament would you disenchant first for the dust?
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 by giuevildoer
 [PC Gaming] Which upcoming PC game are you look forward to more?
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 by giuevildoer
 [CS GO] Which is your favorite pistol in the game?
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 by _1ns1der_
 [Gigantic] Which Hero Will You Choose?
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 by _1ns1der_
 [PvZ] Which is Your Favorite Class
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 [Total War: Warhammer] Which Legendary Lord is Your Favorite
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 by cajkovskip
 [HotS} Favorite Warrior
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 by Pvvrk
 [PC Gaming] Which recent indie game has you more intrigued?
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 [PC Gaming] Which of these PC franchises had the best overall story?
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 by duala
 [DOTA 2] Which of The International couriers is your favorite?
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 by Zizzon
 [SMITE] Who's Your Favorite Assassin
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 by ddfsfD1