Boyfriend Dungeon: Date Your Weapons!
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 Star Citizen Alpha
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 Аre you waiting for a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
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 The MMORPG Kickstarter that earned over $3 million, Ashes of Creation. One year later, is it just as good as we thought?
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 Horizon Zero Dawn - the boardgame
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 What games for the end of 2018 do you expect for yourself.
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 Radical Spectrum
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 Squad based rts rpg game.
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 First screenshots of Call of Duty: WW2
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 Bargain Quest
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 Longest time to receiving product.
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 UBoot game
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 Project Wingman (plays like the Ace Combat games from the PS2 era)
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 Small Land
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 Xenonauts 2 : Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator
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 Nosgoth for kickstarter
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 Anyone here backed the game Indivisible?
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 Any suggestions?
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