This or That
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 Refferal Program
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 Looking for ....... game or game code
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 Cant receive BNS
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 Subscribtion to a game (content)
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 for some forums section , can put a lot pic at 1 time?
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 delete account
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 Double account
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 Being able to remove border?
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 ARP bonus for downvoting a removed post
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 Points for actually buying / owning an Alienware PC / Laptop
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 So much ARP, no where to spend, how about an ARP Shop?
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 Daily Quests - What do you guys think?
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 Create and "official" Quest thread every day/weekend.
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 A new language
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 Selectable themes
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 Daily ARP for logging in
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 Could we get some extra Relics slots at some levels?
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 can we have another language?
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 No More Downvotes and No More Automatic Spam Filters
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 add a way to set your location
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 Replace and/or delete Hardware Security section
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