Blade and soul
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 auto lock thread system for threads past 4 years
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 mini games
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 Alienware Giveaways For Low Level's..
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 Levels shall be easier to get
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 somekind of youtube
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 Post history. Again.
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 A small area where people can talk/argue about the best music in games?
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 What is with the Alienware Arena Giveaway Emails?
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 It might be nice to have a tutorial system of sorts
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 a better giveaway system
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 An idea for This or That
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 PM Re-organization
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 Customizable website
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 Can we get the forum threads it the app?
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 Please fix my profile picture
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 Vote on Content
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 Dat Search Bar!
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 Video report button
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 Mobile website
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 Confusing Redirects
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 Thread Page Jumper at the TOP of the page too
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 Character Limit for signature
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