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 For upvoting stuff.
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 change Alien Lock Spin from skill to luck
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 Does anyone know when the $ ARP rewards are coming out?
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 Add forum discussion area under post you've made in your profile
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 Some cosplay section love?
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 ARP clarity
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 Music Production Section?
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 Signature Option
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 An easy way to find my own comments!
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 New Forum Category Suggestion
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 Region I chose should be saved
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 Suggestion for video game threads.
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 Monitor CPU and GPU heat - SOLVED
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 A New Game Called Bot Trap II
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 Report Post Facility
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 Fortnite Deluxe Edition Giveway
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 Add the Chat Room -box
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 Can alienware make sos giveaway for lv 10+ ??????
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 Improve Search
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 Smileys For The Forum?
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 Mobile app?
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 Flair system
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