Emoji support
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 Add advanced search
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 Add paging number and index in subforum
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 Eliminate Bots and only Real People get Giveaways
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 Add a date and time stamp to the all threads and their comments made on the site.
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 Add "Mark all as seen" besides "Show all notifications"
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 Can you not make the giveaways "renew" at 4am?
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 Option to delete unused Signature and Hero Images
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 Add a buton in the app for the forums
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 iOS app?
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 ARP Points
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 Level cap for bigger giveaways
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 MAKE IT FAIR ! Arena Rewards ARP
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 Add a Deals section
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 4k desktop images
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 Remaining keys in giveaways
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 the most good site alienwarearena
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 Up Vote' Yellow It is not hard to see, right?
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 Polish translation
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 Limiting Thread Creation
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 Make a PVP Mini-game
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 Search option(s) for groups
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 The only thing you could improve with this site
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 More rewards for leveling up
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 Gift Cards
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