Emoticons for the forum
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 Ability to lock your own post in Community Giveaway section
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 Custom Title changes
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 Change the system of Giveaways
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 Delete latam page
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 New Password Requirements
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 Stop Multi-post spam! (Auto-Lock)
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 Nuked/deleted thread should have notifications
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 2-Factor App Authentication
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 Daily Quests Is really worst
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 Voting System
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 Found a spelling issue on the site
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 Signature improvement
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 Add "This was already posted" system function to certain forums
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 App for IOS
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 Game Reviews
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 New forum theme
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 Codes in AWA !
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 Add other social media embed button besides YT
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 Detecting duplicate images submission
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 ARP Status
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 Add a Fanart Forum to the MultiMedia Discussions
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 Adding steam to account for steam key giveaway
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 Bring back the level progress bar
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 Add field to specify a report
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