A Light Theme For AlienwareArena
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 Language PT-BR
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 Fan-Art gallery
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 More rewards for leveling up
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 wargaming steam keys
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 Please speed up Dell reward redemption
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 Option to tick or unncheck giveaways from the account section
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 Daily Quests Is really worst
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 Ввод русского языка на данный ресурс.
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 You shall partnership with some popular website to publish your giveaways
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 Add a memes forums channel :V
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 How can i see my total points?
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 Bragging rights
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 Tutorial Section
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 More options to earn ARP
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 Add forum searcher
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 Russian interface
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 ARP Points
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 Blade and soul
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 auto lock thread system for threads past 4 years
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 mini games
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 Alienware Giveaways For Low Level's..
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 Levels shall be easier to get
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