A Light Theme For AlienwareArena
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 Watch ads for ARP?
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 What about making the App available in the brazilian PlayStore?
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 not bug but bad
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 Lock replies in Cosplay Section - Stop Reply Bumping Spam!
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 No logout required for ARP from consecutive logins
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 Make giveaways for ARP or Rewards cash!
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 Will we ever get a upvote system for the comments section?
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 MAKE IT FAIR ! Arena Rewards ARP
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 Suggest the ways earning ARP
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 Idea on Giveaways
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 See Of Thieves Giveaway?
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 What if the the consecutive daily login bonus stacked to 30 days?
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 When will the other countries receive the Exclusive accessories shipping too from the reward section?
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 GOG Game Key Giveaway? Maybe Please
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 Community engagement event quests.
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 Alienware site in other languages
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 ARP earning by being Give away.
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 Show time remaining
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 Add rewards to other countries
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 Need Eyelids
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 More daily or weekly quests
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 ARP Quests.
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 Favorite games played on profile
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 Polish translation
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