Where are the normal Daily Quests?
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 DAILY QUEST REMINDER (World) - Look before you post!
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 WEEKLY QUEST REMINDER - Do NOT post the answer outside of the main thread.
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 [Daily Quest] Share a giveaway to social media! - 5 ARP
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 And if you were blind, what would be beauty to you?
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 FREE Weekend for Son of a Witch on Steam
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 [Daily Quest] Border swap! - 5 ARP
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 Suggest me a good movie from your country!!
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 "Терминатор - тёмные судьбы" - вы с нами?
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 Tell me your favorite anime battle
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 I wuv Dell Alien ware mods and there employees
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 Selling Alienware m15x r2. Amazing condition.
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 I killed a Bear with my bear hands.
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 Made Survey
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 Final Fantasy XIII woot finally fix
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 Free Friendship
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 [Daily Quest] [Non-US] Add an image of your favorite weapon in a video game [6 ARP]
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