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ill never buy ea game again

I won't do it! I won't give up the fight!



Good info.

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mattybobs said:

Saying that that gamers should stop making movements about issues they believe in because "it's going to fail" is not only wildly inaccurate but a terrible way to view the issues.  For example, the outrage that came when Battlefront 2 was revealed to have microtransaction and pay walls for important content and the threat of boycott pressured EA to remove a lot of the pay walls and transactions before release that they planned on having.  Those changes never would have happened if not for the vocal outrage by the gaming community.  Even after pedaling back the pay walls, EA still sold substantially less copies of the game than anticipated, mainly believed to be because of the outrage created by the microtransactions.

Another example of successful "gaming outrage" that resulted in actual results came from the Blitzchung banning and revoking of prize winnings after speaking out against China.  Gamers threatened boycotting Blizzard protesting at Blizzcon if they didn't right their mistakes, Blizzard employees had strikes and walk-outs, and Hearthstone announcers resigned from their positions due to their belief that the punishment by Blizzard was wrong.  And in the end, Blizzard caved.  They returned the prize money and substantially reduced the length of the ban.

Just because these outrages don't result in the utter destruction of giant corporations, which is what it sounds like you think is the only definition of success, doesn't mean that these movements don't have merit.  The gaming community has time-and-time again protested content and actions that they believed were wrong and, though maybe never received the results that you think define success, have had a major impact on the community.  I personally hope that the gaming community never gives in to things they don't believe in and let themselves be walked over like you apparently think they should.