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Something have to come to an end after all. Thanks Gaben I guess.

Scammers mostly are to be blamed for this and those "keys for skin" pages. Personaly i dont care at all.


is trading these keys illegal?

good news. 

If I will buy a csgo key from the market and not from csgo 

will it still be untradeable / marketable ?

ZalManTM said:

If I will buy a csgo key from the market and not from csgo 

will it still be untradeable / marketable ?

Any keys bought from the community market will be tradable and marketable, as all of the keys on the community market are all the pre-existing keys not affected by the change. Since all of the keys on the market were originally bought from the in-game store, their supply is now put to a halt as you can no longer buy new marketable ones, only the existing ones on the community market.

The keys bought from their in-game store will from now on be unmarketable and untradable. 

I have 1 CS:GO case key sadly I didn't buy more of them

k9bWnGHCS:GO Case Key

Let's be honest. This move is just last minute preparation for their holiday sale, where buying keys and reselling them in the market was eligible for sale bonuses, just like normal store purchases. Apparently this will still be the case this year, except that people can't resell these keys right away.

It's still hard to imagine why anyone would pay more than store price for the key ultimately. For traders it may be worth slightly more because they can sell these keys on their own websites for real currency, cashing out their steam wallet funds for real money. How big of a hit they are willing to take for this remains to be seen.  1.5x? so about half?

Just don't believe this horseshit about artificial scarcity, cut off supply and collectors items. Collectors have to be the dumbest people, so while i wouldn't put it past them to collect keys, it's hard to imagine them resisting to use the key to open crates or do so accidentally. 

The only interesting question is how long keys will remain a viable illegal currency, now that their price is no longer fixed and their supply is cut off. 

The biggest dick move (by valve) has to be that Bots who offer cards for keys, still remain operational. Except now their "customers" will buy keys in store by mistake or habit to trade in for cards, only to figure out that they can't actually be traded.  I like to see how the warning text in the CS:GO store looks, or even if there is a warning.