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Yeah ofcourse !


- formal Alienware tie

- Alienware mug - that can be connected with USB just to keep it warm (plz, don't make the wire too short ;)  )

- tough steel Alienware ring - that I can wear INSTEAD smartwatch when I go to metal concert, lol


But,  yhmm, you know, if it will be "US only" - I will buy nothing.

Have a nice day :)



Not really.

It would probably be "US only", like everything else.

I think it would be cool. I like decorations for the man cave. I’d love an Alienware RGB sign. 

If it could work along the lines of using a choice of game codes for, Epic or Steam... sure. But please, no new game stores. There's just too many as it is.

Now regarding Alienware exclusive physical items such as: 

  • physical copies of games,
  • boxed sets,
  • soundtrack CDs,
  • clothing (bomber jackets, ponchos, cargo pants, sweaters, hoodies, scarves, toques, gaming gloves),
  • jewelry,
  • figurines (pewter and die-cast metal),
  • action figures,
  • Revell Model Kits,
  • replica items based on game items (like Link's Ocarina),
  • plushies,
  • Manga,
  • Anime DVDs,
  • limited edition prints,
  • autographed items (comic books, posters, albums, game disks)

By all means, go for it!

What I would really like to see is Alienware Arena partnering with Turner Classics to create a boxed set of the top 10 alien-themed movies that shaped the science fiction genre ranging from (for example) Forbidden Planet to The Fifth Element.



Maybe if it looked like promising 

more offers!!