1. Introduction & The User Interface

In this video Marco will Introduce you to The Division 2, what you can expect from the game and give you some first tips on setting up the user interface for a more enjoyable experience.
4 min
Introduction & The User Interface

2. Leveling Up Fast

In this video Marco go over what it means to be an RPG game and why The Division 2 is most enjoyable at its end game. He will also show you the best way to level up fast.
4 min
Leveling Up Fast

3. End Game & World Tiers

In this video, Marco will explain what happens once you get to max level in The Division 2 and will let you know how the ‘world tier’ system works.
5 min
End Game & World Tiers

4. Stats, stats & more stats

The Division 2 is all about combining gear with stats to make your character stronger and more unique. In this video we’ll go over the very basics of making your own builds.
3 min
Stats, stats & more stats

5. Talents

Stats aren’t the only thing that make up a player’s build. In this video Marco will talk about talents and how you combine them with stats to make yourself more powerful.
4 min

6. Recalibration Station

The recalibration station is a very useful tool that you’ll need in order to modify the items you find in the game. In this video Marco will explain exactly how the recalibration station works.
4 min
Recalibration Station

7. Crafting & Resources

This video will introduce you to crafting and will explain where to get all the crafting materials and what they are generally used for.
4 min
Crafting & Resources

8. A good way to farm?

Now that you know how the game works, it is time to get you started on grinding gear efficiently. In this video Marco will share one of the best ways to get loot, crafting materials and blueprints all at the same time.
4 min
A good way to farm?

9. Normalization

Whenever you play PvP in the division 2, you are going to have to deal with normalization. In this video Marco will explain how it works and when it is active.
4 min

10. The Tobii Eye-Tracker

The Division 2 has a lot of cool, build-in features that allow you to enhance the gameplay experience when using the tobii eye-tracker. This video will show you the list of features and how they work.
4 min
The Tobii Eye-Tracker

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

40 min