1. Crosshair Placement

Having correct crosshair placement will limit the aim needed to hit a shot. The distance moved from "A" to "B" is the aim, "CP" is making sure that "A" is as close to "B".
3 min
Crosshair Placement

2. Time Management

Many players forget that time is a tool you can use, when only 30 seconds is left of a round, learn to make that your advantage.
4 min
Time Management

3. Intel & Utility

Rainbow 6 is half gun play and half gadget use, knowing how a team is setup and what to look out for will help you a lot.
3 min
Intel & Utility

4. Information Habits

Default cameras, common drone spots - and knowing where the bombsite is before the preparation phase ends - gives you a good start to the round.
3 min
Information Habits

5. Aim Routine

This is how I warm up - 5 rounds of headshot only slow and accurate - 2-3 rounds of speed (as fast as you can go!).
3 min
Aim Routine

6. Decision Making & Outplaying

Here we'll look at pro player "Redeemer" take note of how he guides his teammates around the map to flank at the perfect time.
3 min
Decision Making & Outplaying

7. Eye Tracking as a Tool

From a coach/analyst point of view, eye tracking is great as it gives us some Intel that until now was impossible to get, knowing what your players are looking at makes it much simpler to break down mistakes and find improvements.
4 min
Eye Tracking as a Tool

8. Setup & Execute

This is a simple basement attack on bank, where we see a quick roam clear, setup and a rotation before the execute.
4 min
Setup & Execute

The Game Plan

27 min